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Bachelor's Degree Program Alcohol and Drugs

Trinity Faith-Based University, Administrative Office
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All Alcohol and Drug courses are Designed by Tommy Williams, B.S., M.A., Ph.D

All lesson are taken from "The Basics", by Rhonda McKillip, M.Ed.,LMHC, MAC, CCDCII, CDP

These courses were designed for persons who have had previous education and experience in the area of Alcohol and Drug Education.

Students that need a class for certification or re-certification, upon acceptance can take any desired course. Click icon to enter the University


Please check your state certifying agency.

CourseNumber Credit hours Course
Module One
201 3 Initial Interviewing Process of Addiction
202 6 Compulsive Addiction Behavior
203 6 Crisis Counseling in Alcohol Addiction
204 6 Treatment Modalities For Drug Addiction
205 3 Methadone and Its Treatment Process
Module Two
206 3 Labeling Theory in Addiction
207 3 Family Intervention in Alcohol/Drugs Usage
208 3 Family Counseling in Alcohol/Drugs Usage
209 3 Ancillary Services in Alcohol/Drugs Usage
210 3 Community Resources for Addictive Personalities
Module Three
211 3 Individual Treatment for Detox in Alcohol
212 3 The Detox Process in Drugs
213 3 Health Intervention in Drug Addiction
214 6 HIV and Drug Use
215 6 Service Providers in Alcohol/Drug Treatment
Module Four
216 3 Mental Health and Alcohol Addiction
217 3 The Recovery Process in Alcohol and Drug Addiction
218 3 Tobacco Addiction and Capacity Building
219 3 Tobacco and Health With Compliance Issues
220 3 Writing Composition in Social histories and Treatment Plans

Upon Completion of your course work, we recommend also, that you should apply to your state certifying agency. After you receive you state certification your can apply to NAADAC, and the Association for Addiction Professionals for National Credentialing.

*Accelerated track students may test out of courses upon University approval.

Upon completion of each module, a certificate of completion will be issued for that module. Each course can be taken individually for CEU's.


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